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Nowadays, everyone claims to be an expert in marketing. As a result, having access to quality information from experts is important. This is what distinguishes a successful marketing strategy from one that isn't. Allow me to introduce myself before diving into the world of automation.

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What is automation

A new way of running your business.

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Elevating efficiency
through smart automation.

Automation is much more than impersonal AI chat bots. Automate your workflows, get rid of your repetitive task. Discover a smarter way to work.

Conversion-ready leads.

Connect your business to your ideal audience. A unique system designed to filter and identify potential clients who are perfectly aligned with your services - ensuring they have the necessary financial resources.

Welcome to a world where every opportunity is perfectly matched to your success.
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Appointment scheduling,
now on autopilot.

An automated method for securing your client appointments. This system selects the best time in your calendar and ensures that both you and your client are notified.

Secure appointments
Appointment notification

Secure your next clients.

Seize every opportunity. Nurture the people who aren't ready yet, and turn them into clients later.

87% convert with multiple exposures to your company.
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Build your reputation.

Your company, a reference in your industry. An automated system that finds the right hook to collect client reviews.

This automated system collects around 70% of client reviews, compared with only 15% for traditional solutions.

A automated SMS for a review request

Automation, the freedom you were looking for.

Automating a company's systems is the key to achieving true freedom. The ability to run a business without a constant presence distinguishes a successful business from a barely profitable one.

Automate Your Business

Your time is your company's most important resource. Turn your business into a success by saving 4 hours a day with automation.

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How it works

Here's how you can automate your business from A to Z.

B2C & B2B Acquisition

Social media advertising.

Social media lead generation formsocial media lead generation form

Your ideal client is just one step away. It's essential to demonstrate how your service meets their needs, or better still, how it can create new ones. Empower your business to reach its full potential by taking advantage of our finely crafted hooks and eye-catching designs to raise your business across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

ROAS from x1.5 to x7 with our strategy.


99% of people use booster publications, which deliver poor results. We use Meta's internal advertising tools.

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B2B Acquisition

Email & sms marketing.

automated sms exempleautomated sms exemple

A method often underestimated, email and sms marketing are powerful client acquisition systems if you know how to avoid ending up in spam. These methods are the most cost-effective on the market and offer the best results when they are properly implemented.

More than just emails and sms, 100% personalised messages tailored to each client.


Over 70% response rate with this

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Your perfect client.

automated client qualification exempleautomated client qualification exemple

At AI4YOU, we understand the importance of your time as a business owner. This system qualifies each person for your business before an appointment is made. This ensures that you only meet people who are genuinely interested in your services, who are financially suitable and are willing to sign up for your services now. We ensure that you don't waste any more of your time.

A method that saves you an average of 4 hours a day.


Unqualified clients are automatically enrolled in a series of email marketing campaigns to keep them up to date and automatically convert them over the long term.

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The right moment.

automated booking exempleautomated booking exemple

Your next appointments are automatically added to your calendar. Each qualified client is scheduled according to your preferences and your time. All you have to do is honour the appointment and finalise the sale.

+80% appointment attendance rate with an automated follow-up and reminder system.

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Top recommendation.

reviews request automatedreviews request automated

Be one of the most popular companies in your region by collecting as many client reviews as possible. Our automated system automatically collects customer reviews using a unique method after you have delivered your service.

Collect an average of +75% more positive
client reviews.

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Automate with us

Your company's legetimate marketing partner.

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Having an employee to look after your acquisition and qualification system can be very expensive and lead to mediocre results. It can cost you an average of $4450 a month, based on a low salary and taxes, and then you have to train and manage them. You need to get all the software you need to develop your company's marketing.
That's why we've positioned ourselves as the solution for Australian businesses. With our expertise, we take care of all the marketing aspects to propel your business for a low investment starting at $997.

Turning your business into a second job wasn't your objective. Don't look any further to change that. The solution is right here.
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